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After running my blog for 1 and half year on WordPress, I’ve decided to host my blog myself. I’m still using the user-friendly Worpress software  in the background and still using the same template for the looks, but as you will notice little changes have been made, in the new website. The type looks different (better ;-), for example ,and I can use more plugins to spice-up the website in the background and on the front end. Well, thats all details, just visit for the latest posts. See you there!


The Metamorphosis of Osdorp

Love this beautiful animation/film created by the guy’s of +1 Amsterdam. Not completely new techniques and it has a very MTV-ish feel to it, but still … very nicely executed.

The city district Amsterdam Osdorp recently merged with Slotervaart and Geuzenveld-Slotermeer and was given the name Amsterdam Nieuw-West. This change also meant the end of 20 years of restructuring urbanized areas. To celebrate everything achieved, a book was published. ‘The Metamorphosis of Osdorp’ gives an overview of the architectural highlights. PlusOne was asked to create the video.

Check for all credits: +1
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Google TV

Wednesday I was at the Marcom event in Amsterdam and was introduced to Google TV. After the presentation I asked myself; will Google TV do to the TV industry, what Apple did to the music industry with introduction of iTunes? I think they just might. What do you think?

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ED-Festival award winners

The 2010 edition of the ED-Festival has been held in Rotterdam from 27th to 30th May. For the fourth consecutive year, ED-Festival brings to life a unique event presenting the best communication design in Europe. The winners have been announced and  here’s a couple of my faforites.

AND MY ABSOLUTE FAFORIT is this animation from Paul Postma

Check the EDaward website for full details, credits and all winners.

Inspiration-snack # 34

In search of new, unconventional, innovative and noticeable  advertisingspace… Nice projection from BMW. Watch this busy office buildings in Singapore transform  from a symbol of work, into a symbol of Joy.

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Redefine carbon footprint

DDB China Group took over a busy pedestrian crossing and placed a large canvas featuring a leafless tree on the road. On either side of the crossing were sponge cushions soaked in green environmentally-friendly washable and quick dry paint.
As pedestrians walked towards the crossing they stepped on the sponges and the soles of their feet made footprints on the tree. Each green footprint added to the canvas like leaves growing on a bare tree. By walking they could create a greener environment.

Nice way of re-language carbon footprint to green footprint ;-)

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