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Grolsch v.s. Coca Cola

Dutch beer brand Grolsch has a new commercial. They organized a secret show with Dutch band Moke and Dutch DJ/composer/producer Junkie XL who lives and works in LA. From this meet Grolsch produced this commercial. It has a nice underground feel to it.

And when it comes to branding, it’s a good thing to cultivate a secondary icon like an unique bottle shape. It will separate you from the others. And it’s always good to learn from brands that have set the standard. But don’t take that to literally. The translation of the pay off is something like ‘As unique as Grolsch’. Not so much for the branding part I’m afraid.




Design should attract, seduce, inspire, surprice and convince someone: you.


Concept, design and animation: Me @ dBOD
Soundtrack: C72 (Music Tiësto)
3D: Edwin v.d. Laag @ dBOD
Flash animation: Armand v.d. Zwan @ dBOD

Avro logo 10th anniversary

OK. I usually don’t promote my own work on my blog. And this blog wasn’t indented to look back… but hey, you’ve got to make an exception every now and than. There’s a special reason for that, because this month it’s been 10 years that the logo of Dutch broadcaster AVRO was introduced on TV. Enjoy the show.

AVRO 10years

The smel of water

Italian fashion brand Replay comes with a fragrance line for man and women. That’s nothing new, witch fashion brand doesn’t have its own fragrance? But there are 2 special things about this one. The product itself and the communication design around the brand.

The product concept is that in the morning you spray on the fragrance and during the rest of the day, you can refresh it by dropping a drop of water on your skin and the fragrance is instantly revitalized.

And then there is the design of the website and commercial I completely fell in love with. Great job how the concept of the product is translated in the communication.

Afbeelding 7-1

Afbeelding 9-1

Check the website, the commercial is on there as well.
(TNX Monique)

Inspiration-snack #25

Fashion brand Diesel comes with an online wine store named Diesel farm. An unexpected brand extention, like the idea.

Afbeelding 6-1

Diesel Farm website
Check the website dieselfarm

The product = the packaging

Earlier I wrote an article about packaging being the product. But what if you’d turn that thought 180 degrees around? What if you’d say that the product is the packaging? When you know most of the packaging is an environmental issue, how could you shape a product so less or no packaging is needed? Because the product is attractive enough by itself or shaped for more efficient transportation. It could look something like this.
And for the sake of the story forget about the ethical and price issue ;-). And I doubt it will solve the environmental problem if plastic is needed to shape, unless of course the molds have an endless life. I just like the thought.

The buddha experiment is from 2003 and the pumpkin from 1996

Source: cakeheadlovesevil

The packaging = the product

I’m always fascinated by smart packaging solutions. See the other stories I’ve written about that (this, this and this one). Packaging is usually one of the reasons someone buys the product, so it’s not something you can do without. The downside is the environmental issue. This is one of those nice example of how the packaging is (part of) the product itself, designed by Knoend.



I’m not the only one who liked the idea, because it won of a Bronze International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2008.
Check their website.