Bottled water, the new oil

I recently wrote about the food industry’s own ‘Inconvenient Truth’; the film Food inc.
It seems to be a trend to make for each industry it’s own ‘Inconvenient Truth’. Now the water industry has also one: Tapped. And the word “industry” is the catch here.

There is something strange about bottled water. You have the feeling to be buying a pure and clean ‘source’ product, which is healthier and cleaner than ordinary tap water. But the opposite is the truth. The water itself is not unhealthy, though in many cases, not the promised crystal clear mountain water is delivered, but simply (filtered) tap water. The problem lies in the bottles. All 29 billion of them. Per year. In the US alone.

The paradox is that the purest and most necessary product, is becoming one of the greatest environmental threat at the moment. The damaging influence of transportation and, especially, the PAT bottle has on our health and the environment is tremendous. It stands in no comparison to the product.

By now most of us known about the plastic-trash island, twice the size of the state of Texas and still growing, that’s floating in the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately the PAT bottles, holding the drinking water, could partly be held reasonable for it.

satnorthpacificgyreSatellite image of the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. (Photo:

There is something else. Water is very necessary and vital, we can’t survive without it. So there’s many who have a great interest in having control of water. For whoever controls the water has the power and makes the profits. It’s like the oil industry. So if there are ‘water’ company’s who manage to convince us of the importance of bottled water and can convince us that tap water holds a risk factor, their influence will grow.

In the future we’ll probably see a shift from water as a public service to a (partly) privately held product. See the energy market as an example. But, there’s something you can do about it, filter clean tap water yourself.

Check the website: Tapped


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