Gap in narrowcasting market filled

Narrowcasting seemed to have been for just the big players in the market; fast-food- and supermarket chains like MCDonalds and Walmart and so on. Only they seemed to be able to hang their stores full of large display’s. But there’s a huge potential in a group of users who basically couldn’t afford such system or for whom it was a way to complex system up til now. We are talking about the small and medium size businesses that would like to create their own content and don’t want to pay over € 500, for content, created by production company’s or don’t want advertisers in their content they have nothing to say about. And, what it comes down to, most of the systems have been way to complex for the independent shoe sales men or the butcher that are not a part of a big chain with their own IT-guy.

So design agency dBOD in collaboration with Samsung, came up with the solution (‘Hey, wait a minute, isn’t dBOD where you work at?’ ‘ That’s right, and I also worked on the project.’ ;-). Samsung (professional large display’s) created a display with hardware inside and is selling it under the name InfoEasy. dBOD created (with technical partner Insiders) a template website Templation. An extremely simple 1,2,3 solution to create content for your own narrowcasting channel. Templation is a website with templates especially made for narrowcasting applications. As user you can easily create your own content, based on these templates with themes, fitting to your business or your message or period of the year like Christmas. It sort of works like a stock website. The good thing: You create your own massage. And the best part: IT’S ONLY € 9,95 PER TEMPLATE! No monthly subscription, no obligations, no software needed, it’s all online. The screen start at € 999,-. Well, that sets a new bar in pricing in narrowcasting!

TemplationHomeTemplation home page

TemplationshopTemplation shop

Templation studio
The studio, where you can edit your own template

So, what’s so innovative about a template website? It’s completely new for a design agency to behave as software developer, but than without the making-it-complex part. You start without a client or a briefing. And you start with a 1.0 version. And it’s a completely new ROI (return on investment) for a design agency. As a design agency you’re used to think in communication, customers and end users, not in technique and that’s what makes it different and, most of all, easier than other Narrowcasting solutions.

This is how it works. Or find out more on the website:


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