Turn negative into positive

Finaly!!! It pays off to be clumsy! An everyday negative situation is turned into a positive experience with this tablecloth. Wine and coffee stains are hard to wash out and might leave vague colour traces after washing. In this case, the figures in the cloth will form a pale, shadowy pattern that will grow as the tablecloth is being used and spilled on over time. The concept allows a great collection of patterns. Different patterns will tell different stories. This creates stories and can contribute in giving the tablecloth sentimental value.
The tablecloth Underfull is a prototype and is not yet in commersial production. Get in contact with the designer Kristine Bjaadal if your interested.
I love the concept of storytelling translated in a product for every day use.

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1 Response to “Turn negative into positive”

  1. 1 Daan 22/04/2010 at 09:52

    The more you drink… the more you spill ;-)
    so pretty brilliant!…

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