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ED-Festival award winners

The 2010 edition of the ED-Festival has been held in Rotterdam from 27th to 30th May. For the fourth consecutive year, ED-Festival brings to life a unique event presenting the best communication design in Europe. The winners have been announced and  here’s a couple of my faforites.

AND MY ABSOLUTE FAFORIT is this animation from Paul Postma

Check the EDaward website for full details, credits and all winners.


Inspiration-snack #31

Nice! Pencil packaging design by Swiss student Kevin Angeloni. In his words its an “other way of seeing the gray pencil that everyone knows and is an indispensable tool for all creatives.”

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source: Trendland

Puma’s Clever Little Bag

Puma collaborated with Ives Behar’s fuse project to design ‘the next’ sustainable shoebox. With the “clever little bag”, Puma kicks-off the next pivotal phase of its’ sustainability program.  The tens of millions of shoes shipped in the bag will reduce water, energy and diesel consumption on the manufacturing level alone by more than 60% per year. In other words: approximately 8,500 tons less paper consumed, 20 million Megajoules of electricity saved, 1 million liters less fuel oil used and 1 million liters of water conserved. During transport 500,000 liters of diesel is saved and lastly, by replacing traditional shopping bags the difference in weight will save almost 275 tons of plastic.
Good concept, nice design! It’s always good to re-think the way we make things. And the next step would be if the bag could be the source for a new product.

Source: Fubiz

Fashionable packaging design #4

… and an other example of fashionable packaging design. The Coco-Cola-light-Karl-Lagerfeld-bottle. Available at The bottle goes for € 3,50. The Box set is yours for € 60,00.

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Cradle 2 Cradle, what is that?

It’s been a while that I’ve been publishing anything, but here’s a new post (FINALY!!!!!). Oh well, a lot has been going on lately and I just didn’t get around to it. Changed jobs in the past months. Twice. And now I work @ Reggs. (check out the site
So lets start off with a project I’ve been working on last month. It’s a film that explains what Cradle to Cradle is about. Enjoy the show

Fashionable packaging design #3

8 Italian designers (all woman) collaborated with Coca Cola in creating these Coca Cola Light bottles. Donatella Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Anna Molinari for BlumarineVeronica Etro, Silvia Venturini for Fendi, Consuelo Castiglioni for Marni, Angela Missoni and Rossella Jardini for Moschino. The bottles were sold at an auction to support the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo, Italy.

Source: Cyana Trendland

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dBOD #1 packaging design agency 2009

dBOD nr1-3

It’s official: dBOD is the #1 packaging design agency of the Netherlands!

In the tough price-fighting market that packaging design seemed to have become, dBOD stood out with quality, service and reliability. According to Marketing Tribune dBOD scores highest in all categories. Dedato was the best corporate design agency. See the facts here (sorry, only in Dutch)

Like the visual? Its made by yours truly ;-)