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Inspiration-snack # 34

In search of new, unconventional, innovative and noticeable  advertisingspace… Nice projection from BMW. Watch this busy office buildings in Singapore transform  from a symbol of work, into a symbol of Joy.

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Cardboard sky

The architecure studen Daniel Morrison created this cardboard sky. I like how he calls the carboard ‘humble material’.
The design makes use of small star shaped pieces of cardboard that are slotted together and folded to provide structure. These individual pieces can be assembled into any size collection. the resulting patchwork creates a graphical pattern that comes about randomly from the pr-existing patterns on the boxes. By digitizing each pattern, the assemblages can even be strategically assembled to create images or messages.

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Check Daniel Morisson’s website
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Source: Designboom

Turn negative into positive

Finaly!!! It pays off to be clumsy! An everyday negative situation is turned into a positive experience with this tablecloth. Wine and coffee stains are hard to wash out and might leave vague colour traces after washing. In this case, the figures in the cloth will form a pale, shadowy pattern that will grow as the tablecloth is being used and spilled on over time. The concept allows a great collection of patterns. Different patterns will tell different stories. This creates stories and can contribute in giving the tablecloth sentimental value.
The tablecloth Underfull is a prototype and is not yet in commersial production. Get in contact with the designer Kristine Bjaadal if your interested.
I love the concept of storytelling translated in a product for every day use.

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Check the website
Via Sub-Studio

CK augmented reality

Here’s an augmented reality web campaign of  Calvin Klein (I think it was in collaboration with GQ magazine). And I’ve tried it and it worked. It’s a little ‘blocky’ and it’s clearly a technology in progress. Watch the demo video and you get the idea. Or try it out you’re self, the website will explain you how. You also gonna need a webcam.

Check the Calvin Klein x-mark-your-spot website

Remarkable pictures…

… with the remarkable stories of the photographers. On the website of photo stock agency Corbis you can hear, read and see the  stories behind the pictures. Not only the stories are interesting, the interface it’s presented in is very elegant.


Go to the website to experience it.

Virgin flagship store on Times Square gone


The world has changed, we know that. We don’t buy CD’s ennymore, instead we download our music to our computer and iPOD. This resulted in the famous Virgin flagship store on Times square to closdown. The rebel of the record industry of the 80’s has to make space for tenants more fitting for this century. (Or is the concept of a flagship store not profitable enough in economic harsh times?)
Parts have been rented out to Planet Hollywood and Forever 21. Would’nt the remaining space be fitting for an Apple store?

If you’re interested, get in contact with Vornado Retail.



In the US, McDonalds came with an answer to the success of Starbuck: They’ve extended the brand with McCafé. And what better way to introduce the new product by letting people taste it for free? (only on Monday though)