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Inspiration-snack # 34

In search of new, unconventional, innovative and noticeable  advertisingspace… Nice projection from BMW. Watch this busy office buildings in Singapore transform  from a symbol of work, into a symbol of Joy.

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Inspiration-snack #31

Nice! Pencil packaging design by Swiss student Kevin Angeloni. In his words its an “other way of seeing the gray pencil that everyone knows and is an indispensable tool for all creatives.”

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source: Trendland

Inspiration-snack #30

Rewrap is a 100% biodegradable eco friendly designer sleeves for your laptop. Check it out!

Inspiration-snack #26

It’s been out there a while, but I really had to treat you with this eye candy. Amazing video! It was made by Alex Trochut for the TOCA ME 2008 design event.

Inspiration-snack #24


Also check the website of Belgium artist and designer Géraldine Georges



Inspiration-snack #23


Michael Jackson Regrooved
If you happen to like Michael Jackson and you like remixed music, check out this MySpace page and download the (free!) remixed Michael Jackson songs.

Inspiratie-snack #22

Post-it stop motion animatie.

Post-it’s als pixels. Mooie stop motion animatie. En wat een werk! Bekijk ook de making off.

Via: fontfeed