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After running my blog for 1 and half year on WordPress, I’ve decided to host my blog myself. I’m still using the user-friendly Worpress software  in the background and still using the same template for the looks, but as you will notice little changes have been made, in the new website. The type looks different (better ;-), for example ,and I can use more plugins to spice-up the website in the background and on the front end. Well, thats all details, just visit for the latest posts. See you there!


The Metamorphosis of Osdorp

Love this beautiful animation/film created by the guy’s of +1 Amsterdam. Not completely new techniques and it has a very MTV-ish feel to it, but still … very nicely executed.

The city district Amsterdam Osdorp recently merged with Slotervaart and Geuzenveld-Slotermeer and was given the name Amsterdam Nieuw-West. This change also meant the end of 20 years of restructuring urbanized areas. To celebrate everything achieved, a book was published. ‘The Metamorphosis of Osdorp’ gives an overview of the architectural highlights. PlusOne was asked to create the video.

Check for all credits: +1
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Bottled water, the new oil #2

I’ve reported about the paradox of bottled water before in the post Bottled water, the new oil.
There is something strange about water in a bottle. You have the feeling to be buying a pure and clean ’source’ product, which is healthier and cleaner than ordinary tap water. But the opposite is the truth. Here’s 2 other examples explaining why bottled water is in fact a environmental disaster. (If watching the video consumes too much time for you, just stick to the info graphic, it basically tells the same story).
This film is from the creators of ‘the story of stuff‘, also a very nice film that’ll make you think about how we produce and consume.

The Story of Bottled Water, was released on March 22, 2010 on World Water Day

Also check the story of bottled water website
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CK augmented reality

Here’s an augmented reality web campaign of  Calvin Klein (I think it was in collaboration with GQ magazine). And I’ve tried it and it worked. It’s a little ‘blocky’ and it’s clearly a technology in progress. Watch the demo video and you get the idea. Or try it out you’re self, the website will explain you how. You also gonna need a webcam.

Check the Calvin Klein x-mark-your-spot website

A film made by (over) 20 filmmakers

COALITION OF THE WILLING is a web-based film made by a network of over 20 collaborating artists and filmmakers from around the world. Started in February the film is being released in 6 staggered  waves 2 weeks apart, with 4-5 sections up-loaded in each wave. The releases can be followed on Twitter and Facebook and. The result can be watched on this website. Coalition of the Willing is an, as the creators cal it, ‘animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world.’
Good initiative with an interesting visual outcome.

Source: Coalition of the willing

Inspiration-snack #27

If you happen to be in Paris this month and if you happen to like Vogue, you should go to the Champs Elysées. There you’ll find an exobition of Vogue covers from 1920 to 2009.


Templation nominated

dBOD is nominated!!!! for the Benelux POP Awards 2009 in the category Digitale Instore Media with

For the complete story about templation check this post: Gap in narrowcasting market filled