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Inspiration-snack # 33

R.I.P. GET A MAC campaign. ONE MORE THING has put together a nice tribute to 5 years of  the ad campaign, that has entertained us so much.

Credits go to TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB for a brilliant and consistent campaign. And to the actors John Hodgman (PC) and Justin Long (Mac)


Puma’s Clever Little Bag

Puma collaborated with Ives Behar’s fuse project to design ‘the next’ sustainable shoebox. With the “clever little bag”, Puma kicks-off the next pivotal phase of its’ sustainability program.  The tens of millions of shoes shipped in the bag will reduce water, energy and diesel consumption on the manufacturing level alone by more than 60% per year. In other words: approximately 8,500 tons less paper consumed, 20 million Megajoules of electricity saved, 1 million liters less fuel oil used and 1 million liters of water conserved. During transport 500,000 liters of diesel is saved and lastly, by replacing traditional shopping bags the difference in weight will save almost 275 tons of plastic.
Good concept, nice design! It’s always good to re-think the way we make things. And the next step would be if the bag could be the source for a new product.

Source: Fubiz

Fashionable packaging design #4

… and an other example of fashionable packaging design. The Coco-Cola-light-Karl-Lagerfeld-bottle. Available at The bottle goes for € 3,50. The Box set is yours for € 60,00.

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Oogst (harvest)

There are a lot of innovative designers and architects, like William McDonough one of the founding fathers of Cradle to Cradle, that are working on solutions to make housing and urban area’s self-supporting, self-sufficient an more sustainable.
Now Dutch (multi) design agency Tjep. initiated an investigation into new developments in the agricultural sector. What they came across were radical ideas with regards to self-sufficiency, capable of getting us quite a bit closer to the concept of a sustainable society.

It’s an intriguing way of looking at the possibility’s of bringing urban and agricultural world together.

They developed 3 Oogst concepts (Oogst stands for ‘harvest’ in Dutch): Oogst 1, Oogst 100 Community and Oogst 1000 Wonderland.

Oogst 1 Solo is a house for one person that provides its resident with food, energy, heat and oxygen. In principle, one could live in Oogst 1 Solo without ever having to leave the house.

Oogst 1-2Oogst 1-3Oogst 1-4

Oogst Community 100 is a self-sufficient farm for 100 people. The residents are all farmers. In the central greenhouse, all necessary crops are grown, the surrounding fields are for livestock.

Oogst 100-1Oogst 100-2Oogst 100-3

Oogst 1000 Wonderland is a self-sufficient farm, restaurant, hotel and amusement park for 1,000 people per day. All food for the restaurant comes from the central structure and directly adjacent fields. Oogst 1000 combines extreme fun with extreme usefulness. One can see this amusement park as a huge people processor. Hotel guests are also the farmers, when you work, you can stay for free.

Oogst 1000-2Oogst 1000-1Oogst 1000-3

Check the Oogst website foor more information, images and video’s


French designer/artist Aïssa Logerot has created a Halo light spray. Instead of spraying paint it sprays light from a LED. Love the concept!

In his own words:
Halo is a handy light specially dedicated to light-writing. Graffiti artists can conserve their own gesture they have with a spray can. It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti’s styles. If the light doesn’t have enough battery, the user must shake it to have energy again.


Check his website with other great designs and idea’s:

Inspiratie-snack #21

Nog zo’n mooi concept; simpel schoon en helder.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil
Copywriter: Otavio Schiavon
Art Director: Gustavo Victorino
Creative Directors: Marcelo Reis, Guilherme Jahara, Rodolfo Sampaio, Julio Andery, Sergio Valente
Ilustrator: Gustavo Victorino


Inspiratie-snack #20

Zachte scherven. Briljant concept, lekker elementair en rouw uitgevoerd, ontdaan van alle ruis.
Bekijk ook zeker de rest van het werk van Brock Davis