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New typography for Inspirationspam

New on my blog is the typography I’m using. It’s generated by a new plug-in: Typekit, witch can be used either on a Worpress blog or on any other type of website.
Typekit is an easie way to use real fonts on the web. It’s a subscription-based service for linking to Open Type fonts from some of the major type foundries. The fonts are served from a global network on redundant servers.

Every major browser now supports the ability to link to a font. That means you can write a bit of CSS, include a URL to a font file, and have your page display with the typography you expect. For designers and developers, this is a significant step forward. No longer will you need to trap your content in images or Flash. But Fonts have copyrights.
And that’s where Typekit comes in. They’ve developed a web-only font linking license with the major type foundry’s. And they’ve build the technology platform to host free and commercial fonts.

Inspirationspam is now using the VERA SANS by Bitstream as bodytype…

… and LFT ETICA DISPLAY WEB by TypeTogether for the headings.

Check out the WEBSITE for more details


Inspire Create Act

This is a little clip made for Reggs. It’s used as a trailer before our design agency’s presentation. Inspired by the ‘industrial looking’ space we work in, you stumble upon words giving our payoff INSPIRE CREATE ACT substance. Enjoy the show!

Watch the film in a higher resolution here

Concept & Art direction & Design: Ben Heppener
3D modeling & Camera:  Hein van Dongen
Graphic design: Daan Huet
Music: Summer 78 by Yann Tiersen mixed with Pale Horses by Moby

Teach your kids to become font-designers

This toy prototype helps your kids not only their ABCs but also the basics of font design. Instead of 26 distinct letters, the oversize, 4-inch recycled-cardboard cubes (known as “Letterboxes”) divvy up the alphabet into combining geometric parts. The cubes can be stacked in all sorts of combinations to produce a variety of shapes and letterforms. The typeface is available as a free download.

THX Daan @ reggs 4 the tip

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Inspiration-snack #28

Wow. Beautiful opening Titles for Typophile Film Festival 5.
Visual arts professor Brent Barson and 11 graphic design students at BYU spent three months to create a great film using Jell-O, squash, laser-cut food and purple fur to serve as an opening for the festival. Turn up the volume, the music is also very nice. Go here to read the full production story.


Source, photo credits & for all credits for the movie: Fontshop
TNX Anneke Krull for the tip
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Inspiration-snack #26

It’s been out there a while, but I really had to treat you with this eye candy. Amazing video! It was made by Alex Trochut for the TOCA ME 2008 design event.


Design should attract, seduce, inspire, surprice and convince someone: you.


Concept, design and animation: Me @ dBOD
Soundtrack: C72 (Music Tiësto)
3D: Edwin v.d. Laag @ dBOD
Flash animation: Armand v.d. Zwan @ dBOD

New! A 5,5 century old invention redefined

You would expect that innovations in the book industry would be a technological one. Probably a newer and improved e-reader. But no, not this invention. It generally redefines how we’ve been using books since about 1450, since the invention of book printing.

Sometimes you wonder why things are the way they are. Take the book for example. It hasn’t changed for over 5,5 century’s but has it been the ultimate shape? I guess not. As an in-bed-reader I always experience its restrictions. For traveling you make sure you carry a bag because of its size or do not bring too many with you when you’re flying, because of its weight. But finally there is the ‘dwarsligger’ (sorry for you English readers, I would not know how to translate this correctly). Introduced at the Manuscripta last week in Amsterdam. And previewed before that at the New Genes business innovation and marketing event Walking Drink. It’s small and light weight because special very thin paper has been used. And a new letter font was created for better reading in small print, so more text will fit on the page. And, the best part, the way you read a book has just been turned around 90 degrees. What will make in-bed-reading al lot easier.


See the complete info and introduction on the dwarsligger website. (I have to disappoint my English readers again, it’s in Dutch)