This is the blog of Ben Heppener. Former Senior designer at Dutch design agency  dBOD and (part-time) independent designer/art director. And now working @ Reggs as Senior Cross Media Designer after a short intermezzo @ Fabrique.

Inspirationspam is a journey of discovery in the on- and offline world of design, communication, innovation and brands.

As the name suggests, it wants to inspire; inspire designers, communication specialists, brand managers, marketeers and all people interested in design. And most of all, it’s a library of my own fascination for design and the way people look at the world and how they think and (re)act. It makes this blog a collection of idea’s, thoughts, concepts which led to things visible or changed the way you looked at it before. I’d like to share [that’s a nice euphemism for spam ;-)] my fascinations with the world and inspire you. Feel free to post a comment or share what inspires you.

Later on you will be able to check my portfolio and see the kind of stuff I create. Meanwhile check my profile on LinkedIn

Have fun.




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